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Acupuncture Detox
& Scar Therapy

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Body Cupping

Relax and Replenish with an Ancient Treatment

Get relief for sore muscles, tension, neck pain, chronic low back pain, acute sprain and injury, as well as the common cold. Cupping stimulates the flow of Qi and blood within the superficial muscle layers.

In this therapy the acupuncturist or massage therapist will place small to large glass “cups” over specific areas on the body. A vacuum is created under the cup using heat and suction. They are then moved over a specific area or left in place. Treatment takes about 20 minutes. This technique may cause bruising and redness, the desired result indicating superficial muscle layers have released deep tension to the surface.

Treat cellulite, too!

The suction and technique can increase the blood flow to increase circulation to break up the adipose tissue. This suction and sliding of cups feels like a deep tissue massage, and can cause bruising and redness. The bruise should dissipate to show smoother looking skin. Best results with a series of treatments.

Find cupping devoted to the facial beauty here.

Body Cupping Treatment $45


Scar Therapy

Release The Mark Of An Old Wound

Scars may hold physical and emotional pain that inhibits the completion of tissue healing. We can treat the aesthetic characteristic of the scar with application of acupuncture needles to the area to break up adhesions, soften the tissue, increase oxygenation, and circulation. This will decrease the overall appearance of the scar. Because of the holistic nature of acupuncture, we also focus on releasing the psychological trauma identity of the “mark” to promote a healed wound.

Scar Therapy Treatment $

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