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Facial Rejuvenation
& Cosmetic Acupuncture

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Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic acupuncture lifts and refreshes the face — while it promotes and nurtures your health, energy, and longevity. It’s a natural way to reduce fine lines, lift sagging skin, decrease puffiness around the eyes, contour and tighten. At the same time, the treatments bolster your overall health.

Used by the emperors and empresses of China for centuries. Taken from Traditional Chinese Medicine, this ancient facial treatment builds collagen and elastin production as it encourages facial muscle tone.

Other benefits include: Reduces acne and rosacea. Supports post-surgical face procedures and extends surgical cosmetic face lifts. Promotes sinus health and lymphatic drainage. Balances hormones.

The very best results are achieved with 12 treatments performed in six to 12 weeks. 10 percent savings on package paid upfront.

New Patient Visit $175
Return Patient Visit $150
House Call $250


Mei Zen

Mei Zen, or “Beautiful Face,” is a trademarked facial acupuncture technique administered only by certified Mei Zen practitioners. Its focus is to stimulate collagen production by a refined application of specialized needle technique that makes the skin more resilient and “plump.”

Provides highest results when applied in series, however you can experience a healthier body and rejuvenated skin with the Art of Mei Zen with just one session. Often applied in combination with facial cupping and contouring.

Mei Zen $125
With Cupping $150



Facial Cupping & Contouring, $50

Draws nutrients to the surface of the skin and enhances the absorption of serums and lotions. It increases blood flow, drains stagnant fluids, and eases puffiness.

Shen Stone Beauty Tool Treatment, $50

Apply the rose quartz beauty tools and reap the benefits of the Point by Point Protocol that activates acupressure points, erases fine lines, stimulates blood flow, and reduces puffiness.

Moxibustion, $25

Using an herb called Mugwort, this treatment applies the refined herb on the end of needle or directly on the skin. Increase Qi and blood flow and treat cold conditions that are presenting in the body — with a relaxing and comforting effect. Moxibustion can also be used as an alternative to a needle as a way to stimulate points for a needle sensitive person.

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Our Results

“People notice that I look younger . . . 15 years younger than my age. I noticed a difference in the lines around my face and mouth after two sessions. It has also helped with acne scars, smoothing my face. I have a lot more confidence. The difference is remarkable.”

- Linda