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Body Balance
& Spirit Atunement

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Esoteric Acupuncture

Achieve vibrant health as you dispel disharmony, disease, and disconnection, calling upon this non-traditional form of acupuncture which focuses on spiritual growth and personal evolution. It springs from the concept of a unifying energy force throughout the universe — in which everything is one and the self is at the center.

Esoteric Acupuncture opens up the deepest energy fields of the heart chakra. Past negativity, destructive habits and tendencies, blockages and karmas that create a state of disharmony and restriction are released. The self becomes attuned to the shining light within.

Esoteric Acupuncture uses specially designed geometric patterns of needle placement that work on subtle levels of very fine frequencies. Deeper states of meditation are achieved to promote emotional calm, mental clarity, and optimal health. Sessions are 90 minutes.

Treatment $110

Esoteric Acupuncture for Meditation Practitioners

Esoteric Acupuncture is significant in developing higher states of consciousness, most effective when combined with a regular meditation program. If you are interested in enhancing your ability to raise your consciousness, Esoteric Acupuncture can be a valuable tool.

Treatment $110

Acupuncture Clearings

Mental & Spiritual Detoxification

Using classical acupuncture point prescription to assist transformation from negative and toxic energy blockages and connections known as “dragons” and “aggressive energy.” This three-visit treatment protocol is the key to disentangling and unblocking your energetic body to release unwanted “congestion.” It helps bring mental and spiritual clarity and liberation.

Three-Visit Treatment $350


Aroma Acupoint Therapy

Get results without the use of needles . . . unlocking the potential of essential oils as they are applied to acupuncture points.

This gentle, pleasing, completely safe and and effective treatment involves placing specific, pure Snow Lotus oils to different acupoints on the body to trigger energetic changes in the individual that restore a state of balance. An easier option for children or for anyone uncomfortable with needles, the resonance between essential oils and acupoints produces a profound therapeutic effect.

Treatment $50

Auricular Ear Treatment

Need a quick treatment? In less than 15 minutes, needles or ear seeds are placed. The stimulation of points on the ear are powerful in Chinese medicine, stimulating the points naturally and non-invasively and can remain on the ear for up to 5 days. Auriculotherapy ear seeds can also be upgraded with Swarovski crystals that add the “bling” to the beauty healing.

Treatment $25


Massage Therapy

Relieve pain and tension. Increase mobility and prevent injury. Reduce stress and increase circulation. Massage has a host of benefits and we tailor our approach to treat your particular muscular imbalance including trigger point massage; the Chinese technique known as Tui Na; Circulatory/Swedish; Deep Tissue/Sports;
and Chair massage (30 minutes in length).

30 Minutes $40
60 Minutes $85

body balance and spirit atunement.jpg