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Face Reading

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It’s Written On Your Face

Face reading offers important insights into your physical health, emotional wellbeing, spiritual strength, and relationship compatibility.

Face reading is an esteemed, well-documented Chinese Medicine practice that dates back millennia. In this ancient art, every feature — eyes, nose, chin, eyebrows etc. — has a five-element Chinese medicine physical and psychological meaning.

Sara Sas uses the face reading as another form of diagnosis to evaluate the constitution or bank of health called Jing. In this way, she assesses the flow of life force energies called Qi and the radiance of the spirit, called Shen as mirrored through the face.

Willingness, self-honesty, dedication and being open to the process is part of the healing called facial alchemy.

Face reading is also effective for character analysis of employees, child care workers, or service personnel.

30 Minutes $75.00
60 Minutes $150.00


Face Reading for Match Making

Face Reading can also be employed to gather information about relationship compatibility and affinity. Sara Sas can read the Chinese five elements, either in person or through photographs.

This form of face reading for match making allows you to create a deeper resonance with your partner and more harmonious interactions with children, co-workers, and others —with strategies to enhance communication and understanding.

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“I don’t even have to tell Sara what’s going on with me. She can see it. She’s a highly professional and intuitive healer, and the acupuncture has helped me combat stress, get rid of headaches, and bring about more calm and peace.”