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Herbal Facial
& Contour Cupping

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Herbal Facial

Brighten. Tighten. Enlighten.

The Herbal Facial is a deep cleansing and healing treatment used to relax and open pores, hydrate and soften skin, eliminate toxins and stimulate circulation. This treatment includes two herbal masks:


A special blend of 20 Chinese herbs is specially prepared and the warm decoction (drained liquid) is applied to the neck and face using towel compresses. The herbs have a harmonizing effect to draw out cellular waste and excess oil as it treats discolorations and supplements the skin.

A brightening, tightening and exfoliating mask with natural elements that astringe the skin and illuminate the complexion.


A series of serums and moisturizers is then applied to the face. Shen Stone Gua Sha and Beauty Roller tools are used to contour and firm the skin. This treatment also includes massage of arms, neck, and legs.

Herbal Facial $250

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Cupping for Facial Contouring

A Tightening and Lifting Treatment Without Needles!

Transformative as a stand alone (particularly for those who are needle averse) or as an addition to Facial Rejuvenation. Increased localized blood circulation draws nutrients to the surface of the skin and enhances the absorption of serums and lotions. The cupping increases blood flow, drains stagnant fluids, and eases puffiness.

Facial cups are small and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to mold to the contours of the face. The cup is moved along the face and down the neck to drain lymphatic fluids and increase blood flow. TMJ and sinus pressure are relieved. As contouring is brought to the muscles and skin of the face, detoxification transformation occurs and delivers a radiant glow.

Cupping for Facial Contouring $50


Our Results

“I was a skeptic but I really look younger, having had cosmetic acupuncture. The fine lines have smoothed out, around my mouth, around my eyes, and across my forehead. The lines on my chest completely disappeared. I no longer get breakouts along my chin. The tone of my face has changed, too. My eyes look less tired, I no longer have dark circles … I love the cupping and the massage Sara does on the face.”