Shen Stone Beauty Roller – Mini Rose Quartz

Shen Stone Beauty Roller – Mini Rose Quartz


Perfect for your handbag and an on-the-go beauty lift. Use this rose quartz Beauty Roller on acu-points on the face, following our Beauty Point by Point Protocol to reduce fine lines, improve circulation, release undereye fluid, and contour your face and chin.

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What is a Gemstone Roller


Available in two gem varieties: Jade and Rose Quartz. This Double – sided Beauty tool with different sizes will lift and roll the facial lines and impurities up an out of the skin. Applied to facial acupuncture points for extra stimulation. The rolling action will assist fluid transformation to prevent swelling especially under the eyes. Cooling, calming and refreshing is used with Cosmetic facial acupuncture session or can be used daily at home for personal treatment.

Rose Quartz – The Heart Stone

Rose Quartz is a naturally occurring semi precious stone that has energetic properties and is associated with the heart. Importantly the heart is what flourishes in the complexion. Rose Quartz balances the Yin-Yang energy of the body due to its feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.

Jade – The Protector

Said to bless whatever it touches, Jade has been serving mankind across the globe for almost 6,000 years. Highly esteemed in China throughout recorded history, and was valued for its beauty and powers of healing and protection and its metaphysical properties. It’s been known and revered as the ultimate “Dream Stone,”used to access the spiritual world, gain insight into the mysteries of life, encourage creativity, and dream-solve.